Installing the EdgeSaver™

We heard you were having some issues getting the EdgeSaver to work. No worries, this page is exactly what you've been looking for! Before we begin, you need to understand how the EdgeSaver actually works.

How It Works

The EdgeSaver™ is an elastic headband made of woven silk velvet. It has a special interwoven stitch pattern that you should be able to feel, if you rub your finger across it in one direction.

These tiny hairs on the EdgeSaver™ hook into the underside of your wig and get "stuck". This makes for a powerful grip that adheres your wig to your head!

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • When putting on the Edgesaver™ it's important to ensure your hair is organized and/or brushed down (a wig or stocking cap is highly recommended for this, it's not a must, but it helps).
  • The "EDGESAVER" label should be positioned above your right ear, and the label should also be right-side up (not upside down or it won't work).
  • The EdgeSaver™ is well suited for lace front wigs, full lace wigs and other kinds of full head wigs.
  • If your wig has combs, you'll need to remove them or try another wig unit. The plastic combs can (and usually do) interfere with its function
  • Any kind of half wigs or U-part wigs will be very difficult to secure, as you will not be fastening it around the whole head/hairline (although, if you can manage this, then in theory the EdgeSaver™ should work)
  • When testing out the EdgeSaver, you want to tug your unit from the sides or the back, but not the top or the front (that's how you take it off!)
  • Also, ensure the wig that you're using isn't too old (weakened hair fibers can prevent the EdgeSaver from functioning properly)
  • Please look at the video below for guidance. If you're still struggling, please send us an email at for a full refund, we will never force you to keep something you can't use 💖